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Once again Julie Yeager brings you her yearly Mystery Afghan, this time she is offering 2 colourways with each colourway having an option of 4 different yarns to craft in but your colour per round selection is totally up to you meaning your work is completely unique and 1 of 1. The afghan will consist of multiple motifs with an easy join and finished off with a dark border that acts as a 'frame' to your artwork. When finished, this blanket will measure 66" long.

Choose between the different colour and yarn options by using the drop-down menu just above the 'Add To Basket' button. Firstly, there is Patina, an eclectic mix of purples and green tied together with neutral greys that create a subtle yarn pack that is still full of colour. Beachy is just what you would expect, a blend of blues, greys and whites that remind you of the crashing waves making there way over the waiting pebbles.

The above two colourways are available in the following 4 yarns, Scheepjes Stone Washed XLa wonderfully soft cotton and acrylic yarn, which knits up nicely on 4mm needles with superb stitch definition. Available in handy 50g balls, this Aran weight yarn is best for multi-coloured afghans and blankets or Scheepjes Stone WashedA wonderfully soft cotton and acrylic 4 ply yarn with superb stitch definition. Scheepjes Stone Washed is ideal for lovely lightweight sweaters and classic accessories. Also, there is Stylecraft Special Aran; a gorgeous yarn has been made with the art of craft in mind. Expect high quality, 100% acrylic yarn which is ideal for afghans and blankets and finally Stylecraft Special DKSoft and easy to knit or crochet, this yarn has been made with the art of craft in mind. Expect a high-quality acrylic yarn which is constantly a favourite with knitters and crocheters alike.

This CAL will commence on 3rd January for a duration of 8 weeks, and the pattern will be available from Julie's blog here, she will release a coupon code on her blog which you will use to get the pattern free from her Ravelry.

Yarn Pack - Patina (Scheepjes Stone Washed XL)

  • 8 x Lepidolite (870). 7 x Brown Agate (862). 6 x Garnet (850), Yellow Jasper (849). 5 x Boulder Opal (844), Enstatite (872). 3 x Deep Amethyst (851)

Yarn Pack - Patina (Scheepjes Stone Washed)

  • 4 x Lepidolite (830), Garnet (810), Brown Agate (822), Boulder Opal (804). 3 x Enstatite (832). 2 x Yellow Jasper (809), Deep Amethyst (811).

Yarn Pack - Patina (Stylecraft Special Aran)

  • 3 x Camel (1420), Gold (1709), Mocha (1064), Plum (1061). 2 x Emperor (1425). 1 x Dark Brown (1004), Pale Rose (1080)

Yarn Pack - Patina (Stylecraft Special DK)

  • 2 x Plum (1061), Walnut (1054), Mocha (1064), Emperor (1425). 1 x Grape (1067), Camel (1420), Gold (1709)

Yarn Pack - Beachy (Scheepjes Stone Washed XL)

  • 8 x Obsidian (869). 7 x Brown Agate (862). 6 x Moon Stone (841), Amazonite (853). 5 x Blue Apatite (845), Boulder Opal (844). 3 x Axinite (871)

Yarn Pack - Beachy (Scheepjes Stone Washed)

  • 4 x Obsidian (829), Moon Stone (801), Brown Agate (822), Amazonite (813). 3 x Blue Apatite (805). 2 x Axinite (831), Boulder Opal (804)

Yarn Pack - Beachy (Stylecraft Special Aran)

  • 3 x Duck Egg (1820), Mocha (1064), Parchment (1218), Dark Brown (1004). 2 x Cream (1005), Storm Blue (1722)

Yarn Pack - Beachy (Stylecraft Special DK)

  • 2 x Dark Brown (1004), Stone (1710). 1 x Cream (1005), Storm Blue (1722), Duck Egg (1820), Parchment (1218), Mocha (1064), Walnut (1054), Denim (1302).