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The new Deramores Social Hub is live and is great at keeping track of the topics you’re interested in.

Community Basics

The Social Hub is a place for customers to interact with each other along with the Deramores team. It’s a friendly fun place where great discussions can be had, however there are some rules.

By participating in Deramores Social Hub you are agreeing to the rules and we kindly ask for you to respect them. Posts querying orders, discussing competitors or any complaints will be deleted without further discussion, however our customer service team will always be happy to help regarding any of these matter, so please get in touch via

  1. This is a crochet and knitting group and the main purpose is for sharing craft content and supporting other crafters. Any non-craft related posts or posts of a personal nature will be removed without further discussion.
  2. This is an International group, therefore the official language is English.
  3. Advertising of patterns, kits or other items for sale not retailed at Deramores Retail Limited is forbidden.
  4. Any photos uploaded must be relevant to the related topic. They must not contain advertisement and any inappropriate images will be deleted.
  5. Kindness is key and any comments in an untoward nature will not be tolerated.
  6. Topics that are repeated and therefore classed as ‘spam’ will be re moved.

 Posting a new topic

Posting is very easy. Just click “Start a new topic”.

Then fill in a title, your post, and select the appropriate category for your topic from the drop-down menu.

When you’re ready, click “Post” — it’s that easy.

Formatting Options

The new Social Hub has great options for formatting.

Text inside two asterisks will be bold

Text inside two underscores will be italic

You can always see this information by hovering over the question mark in the upper-right hand corner of the post box.

Quoting other posts

To quote other people’s posts, you have a few options.

  1. Copy and paste the text into your post, and start the quote with a greater than symbol: >
  2. Select the text you’d like to quote, and click the quote button on the popup
  3. Select the text you’d like to quote, and then press CTRL + Enter

Liking and Flagging

To like another user’s post, simply click “Like”. If another user’s post seems offensive or like spam, click the Warning sign next to it and a moderator will take a look


Once you’ve posted, you can edit or delete your post for up to 2 minutes and 30 seconds. To do so, hover over it and click the pencil icon that says “Undo” — but once the time is up, your post is permanent, so be sure you can stand by whatever you say.

My Feed

Clicking “My Feed” on the Social Hub or on your Dashboard will show you any topic you’ve participated in or followed. To follow a topic without replying to it, simply hover over it and click the eyeball icon that says “Watch for new replies.”