The Missing Yarn

About Designer

As a child I was always creative. I could draw, paint, sew, knit and embroider. My great Aunt Alice was an avid crocheter and I longed to be able to do what she did. I made amazing creations, but never having learned how to read a pattern, I had no real idea of what stitches I was using! I needed proper lessons. I heard of a very lovely lady named Helen who taught me how to read patterns and showed me new techniques. From this, The Missing Yarn was born. I love playing with different stitches, styles and textures. Many of my designs are born out of my love of fashion and desire to be different. My designs have appeared in Inside Crochet, Crochet Now, Simply Crochet, Mollie Makes and the Crochet Society Box. You can find more of my patterns at;