Sirdar Color Packs

Sirdar is continually releasing fresh shades for its loyal legion of fans – and we have bundled our favorites together in this fantastic range of great value branded color packs.

Buy Affordable Yarn Packs from Sirdar

Whether you prefer bright, contrasting colors or crave the calm, soothing tones of sea-inspired shades, you’re bound to find the perfect purchase amongst our gorgeous range of Sirdar yarn color packs.

The popular color packs from this enduring brand – which has been perfecting its range of wools for nearly a century and a half – offer shades that are both playful and sophisticated. These yarns can be used to create pieces that are interesting yet practical; head-turning yet timelessly stylish. Essentially, Sirdar color packs can help you develop pieces that are bursting with personality, yet still hard-wearing enough to last.

Begin exploring Sirdar’s incredible collection of shades with the lovely Cotton Fields Color Pack. The soft hues within this bundle evoke memories of fresh summer evenings, and, due to the versatile nature of the DK yarn within the pack, work best when knitted or crocheted into sweaters, jumpers and cardigans. Other Sirdar color packs of note within this range include the harmonious Peaceful Blues bundle and the interesting Coral Reef set, which produces a beautiful Fair Isle effect.