Row Counters

Ready to help you count your rows or courses worked, whether used for stitch pattern repetitions or counting increases or decreases in consecutive rows, the knitting row counter will always keep your project in check.

Buy Knitting Counters Online

If you’re working on a repeated knitting pattern and you’re worried about losing track of the design, you’ll definitely benefit from snapping up one of our handy knitting row counters.

Counting rows manually can be a chore, so why not invest in a little help? These knitting counters have been around in a commercial sense for nearly a century, and they enable you to effectively ‘tick off’ each row once it has been completed, so you never lose your place or accidentally repeat a stitch as you’re making your way through the pattern. They can be used with virtually any design, but they are particularly useful if you’re getting your head around more complex cable and lace creations that require a more precise approach (and a little more concentration!).

From basic knitting row counters and registers to express knitting machines, Deramores stocks a range of these must-have accessories to suit the demands of any project. We’ve sourced quality yet affordable knitting counters from world-leading manufacturers such as Addi, Clover, Pony and Milward, not to mention Essentials, which is known as one of the most reliable and budget-friendly brands.