Erika Knight Knitting Yarn

Author of numerous popular knitting and crochet books, Erika Knight applies her insight and passion for knitting and crochet with accessible wool and yarn.

Our Extensive Range of Erika Knight Yarn

One of the great things about the wool within Erika Knight’s collection is that these products make knitting and crochet accessible to all. Boasting yarn of various weights, fibers and textures, this range will delight novices yet also thoroughly impress the seasoned knitters amongst you. Erika Knight knitting wool is versatile and easy to work with, making it the ideal product regardless of whether you want to create clothes, accessories or furnishings; plus, all of Erika Knight’s yarn is sheared and spun right here in Britain, so when you buy from this brand, you can rest assured you’re contributing to the local manufacturing industry.

Check out Erika Knight’s Studio Linen if you’re looking for a material with a subtle sheen that’s perfect for bigger pieces. Her Maxi Wool is a great choice for bigger knits made with larger needles, while the popular Gossupium Cotton has hypoallergenic qualities that will go easy on the skin of babies and young children. As you’d expect, all of the Erika Knight yarn on our website is available in an excellent variety of colors to suit the requirements of any project. Choose from pretty pastels, bright spring-inspired tones, bold statement shades and darker wools depending on the look you want to achieve.