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Double Knitting (DK) Wool

Our vast range of double knitting wool offers something for everyone. From DK yarn in the finest fibers, including silk, cashmere and angora, to hard wearing acrylic blends, we stock the very latest collections from the biggest brands around.

A Wide Range of DK Yarn

The beauty of double knitting wool (which is referred to as DK for short) is that it can be used to create pretty much any type of garment or accessory. It boasts a weight that’s slightly less than worsted and it can be knitted faster than many other types of yarn, which makes it a great choice for busy hobbyists who are always creating something new for their friends and family members!

Contrary to popular belief, you don’t just have to use the double knitted technique when you’re working with DK yarn. In fact, its name is used to refer to its weight as opposed to the associations it has with certain ways of working.

It’s so easy to start experimenting with DK wool because there’s such a huge range of products on offer that fit neatly into this category. You can choose from the basics, such as the Big Value products from King Cole or Deramores’ very own Studio DK range – or, if you’re looking for something that has a quirkier look, you could take a look at the Special Candy Swirl from Stylecraft, or the popular Fairy Cakes DK from James C Brett. You’ll find DK yarn that’s made from a variety of fibers, including knitters’ favorites, wool, cotton and merino, and you’ll be thoroughly impressed by the sheer range of colors on offer from our collection of double knitting wool.