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Cashmere Yarn

If its true luxury you’re after, turn to cashmere wool. Oozing elegance, our collection fuses an irresistible blend of soft silks, pure merino wool with delicate cashmere, a fine choice for baby knits or simply something to treasure.

Our Latest Range of Cashmere Knitting Yarn

There’s nothing quite like a knit that’s created using cashmere wool. The silky-smooth touch of cashmere clothing as it brushes on your skin has an almost addictive feel to it; it’s the kind of sensation that simply cannot be replicated by any other material.

It takes a long time to produce cashmere wool. After the fibers have been sourced, they need to be hand selected, then carefully washed and combed, to leave us with the gorgeously soft feel that we’ve grown to know and love from our cashmere yarns. Because of the exacting process that needs to be followed during the production of cashmere knitting wool, it’s often considered a luxury product – but in our experience, this means it’s in even higher demand!

Cashmere yarn is available in natural blends, but many of the products listed on our website have been pre-dyed to create a striking palette of shades. Designers such as Debbie Bliss, The Fiber Company, Rowan and Sublime are fully embracing the trend for cashmere knitting yarn and have produced some truly exquisite wool that is a must-have for any experimental hobbyist

Cashmere wool is notoriously strong, but we’d still urge you to be cautious with your favorite cashmere garments to ensure you can enjoy them for years to come. You can find more information on how to wash and maintain clothes made from cashmere wool by reading each product description.