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Yarn Color Packs

Our range of carefully selected wool color packs bring you the biggest brands at fantastic prices. Perfect for small projects or for a special heirloom, our yarn color packs are a great way of adding a splash of color to your stash.

Our Multi Colored Wool Color Packs

Why choose just one single shade of wool when you can purchase several at once (and often at a discounted rate)? Here at Deramores, we’ve put together a huge range of yarn color packs that will complement the color palette of any design. From subtle pastels and posy colors through to brighter, bolder and sometimes darker shades, our yarn color packs are consistently popular with knitters who don’t want to spend hours sourcing individual balls of wool for their next project!

Some of our wool color packs have been developed to help you follow a particular design or should be used when you’re following a specific pattern. Others will encourage you to completely unleash your creativity and come up with an incredible creation all of your own. You can create everything from small blankets and cushion covers all the way through to scarves, hats and other wearable accessories. We even stock multi colored wool packs for lampshades and other beautiful handmade pieces that you can display proudly around your home.

Our wool color packs are the ideal solution if you’re looking to knit a gift for a loved one, too, as they come with all of the materials you need to craft a thoughtful, fully personalized present in one handy bundle.