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Hi, I’m Caroline, a crochet designer and mum of three based in Peterborough, UK.  I learnt to crochet in 2015 when my youngest daughter was a baby as I was keen to learn a new skill. I totally fell in love with crochet and have been addicted to it ever since. I particularly enjoy tapestry and mosaic crochet as I love the effects that can be achieved with the two techniques. I love working with colour and enjoy designing patterns that are simple yet striking! I have had some of my designs published in magazines, including Crochet Now, Your Crochet...

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Kate is the editor of Knit Now magazine, which means that at any time of the day or night she can be found surrounded by yarn.

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I’m Alison the hands behind Alison Holloway crochet designs.

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Hi there, I’m Ariana Goldberry, the crochet designer and blogger behind Crafting

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Hi, i'm Lynne and i’m a freelance knitting and crochet technical editor and designer.

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