Young Persons Cancer Charity CLIC Sargent raises £1,438

Young Persons Cancer Charity CLIC Sargent raises £1,438

Giving back to our community is an incredibly important factor, especially for us here at Deramores. We aim to give back where we can and this is why we donated a large amount of yarn to Totley Rise Knit & Natter Group before the Christmas Period. Totley Rise Knit & Natter Group kindly donated boxes of wool on to the young persons cancer charity, CLIC Sargent.

As most of you are aware, CLIC Sargent is a heartwarming charity founded in 2005: their aim is to support young individuals and their families who are living with the effects of cancer. It is no longer uncommon to know of someone and even a young person with cancer. A very sad statistic is that in a single day, 11 more children will hear the heart-breaking news that they have cancer. With the support of CLIC Sargent, young people with cancer can be helped to fight their battle as CLIC Sargent continue to tirelessly fight cancer destroying young persons lives.

Not only do they support the individual through this unthinkable period, but they work with the families to help get them support and cope with emotional and financial pain or struggles.

After CLIC Sargent received 70 boxes of yarn, they then went ahead and put them on their eBay shop and they all sold over the Christmas period, raising an impressive total of £1,438.

The money raised is able to pay for eight grants, which CLIC Sargent give to families at the point of diagnosis. From the moment the doctor says “It’s Cancer”, to the true cost of cancer starts to hit families. This can put a huge financial strain on many, not forgetting the incredible emotional strain cancer undoubtedly adds.

Families can use these grants to pay for things like; travel to the hospital, parking, toiletries, pyjamas, coffees and food at the hospital. CLIC Sargent's research shows that ‘’parents spend an average of £600 more every month when their child has cancer’’. This is due to the cost of travel, additional heating at home, hotels and more. It is with CLIC Sargent’s help that parents have just one thing less to worry about during this unimaginable time.

To find out more information about CLIC Sargent and the work they do, please visit their website: