Helen Shrimpton: The Rose of Avalon Blanket

Helen Shrimpton: The Rose of Avalon Blanket

Choose your favourite colourway for the mythical inspired crochet blanket, exclusive to Deramores.

When it comes to colourways we love a pre-prepared pack. Designers such as Helen Shrimpton have a fabulous eye for selecting colours for their latest projects and we especially love the medieval-esque shades chosen for the Rose of Avalon Blanket. After the demand for this exceptionally beautiful crochet design, the Rose of Avalon Blanket has had two extra colourways created for it. Whether you’re looking for a blanket to brighten up your bedroom or a gift for a friend, you’ll find a colourway to complement an assortment of different interiors with one of the Rose of Avalon colour packs.

Hues of blue, grey and red the original Rose of Avalon colourway reflects a mystical and magical place. The design took influence from Helen’s love for Arthurian legends and the shades were carefully selected to reflect the medieval times. Mist and Wine make up the majority of the blanket, two very classic colours that are brought to life with Topaz and a hint of RosePeridot and Citrine. Together these succulent shades create an eye catching crochet masterpiece for any home. The colour pack consists of 14 balls of the gorgeous anti-pilling, award winning Studio DK, an everyday and excellent value yarn.

Step back in time and bring a modern twist to your home with the Retro Rose of Avalon colour pack. When it comes to fashion and design trends are constantly renewed and brought back to life with simple and modern changes. Late 60s to 70s influences reigned recent catwalks and it’s a trend we’re pleased to see. Whether it is homeware, footware or clothing you’ll find 70s inspired items across the highstreet and the Retro Rose of Avalon colour pack is no exception to this fabulous trend. Hues of brown, cream with brighter accents of orange, yellow and green, the Retro colour pack will complete your 20th century haven.

With the colour pop of the 80s and the dusky tones of the 40s this Vintage Rose of Avalon colour pack is a gorgeous selection of hues that have both modern and vintage accents. Pinks, creams and purples this blanket is made up of truly feminine colours and together with the floral design creates a stunning crochet fabulous for all seasons. Everyone from your little princess to your mother-in-law will adore these striking colours, theAubergineDusky Lilac and Blue Velvet add a touch of sophistication to the blanket, whilst the PeonyFuchsia and Frost brighten it up, bringing a fun edge to the design.